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We believe you shouldn’t need a degree in marine biology to care for your new pet snake or reptile. But there’s so much to learn, and it’s hard to know where to turn for trusted, expert advice. So we did the hard work of finding the best species, gear, and advice so you can spend your time doing more important stuff.

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  • Find the best pet snakes, reptiles, or amphibians for your family.
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  • Get expert tips on the best food and how to care for your new pet at home.

How do you find the good stuff?

Our recommendations are made after thorough reporting, interviewing, and testing by our team of researchers.

We’re like a best-of list for all your pet reptile needs. A quick-start guide to buying the best gear so you can go from zero to bringing your new pet home safely in no time.

We take decades of experience from industry experts, and make it so simple even a gecko can figure it out. All so you can focus on enjoying your new pet, and not sweat the details.

What the heck is an affiliate?

Our site is 100% reader supported. That means sometimes when you purchase a product using the links on our site, we get rewarded with a commission from the seller. This helps us keep all the great resources on our site free of charge.

Our reviews are still based on detailed research and expert interviews because our readers expect nothing less than the best. So you know you’re getting the best gear anywhere. We also share our judging criteria and the logic behind why we hand selected each item so you can decide for yourself.

What if I don’t see the product I want?

Send us an email or Tweet and let us know. We’re always on the lookout for great products other aspiring herpetologists will love.